Eurovegas – blessing or scourge?

Posted: December 7, 2012 in Europe, Influenced
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As you may have heard about, a new casino complex is been considered in Madrid, Spain. Its name is Eurovegas. The father of the project is Sheldon Adelson, owner of several casinos in Las Vegas, Bethlehem, Macau and Marina Bay. To Spain, the creation of such a complex represented employment, external investment but, most of all, a posible exit for this recesion situation. However, the large part of the population question the beneficits of Eurovegas.


First of all, some laws unfavourable for Sands Corporation are going to be modified and the complex will benefit from a special treatment. Moreover, it would be another rival for the local casinos.

Then, it’s important to emphasize that most of Sheldon Adelson’s employees outside America aren’t natives, they are also americans. It could not increase, in that case, the rate of employment in the country.

Finally, the complex would most likely increase the number of gambling addictions due to the laws’ modifications and the size of the place, like it was the case in Las Vegas?

So, what do you think? Is Eurovegas a blessing or a scourge?


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