Posted: January 3, 2013 in Europe, Morbid
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Auschwitz was a complex of various concentration camps built by the medical experimentation regime after Nazi Germany’s invasion of Poland in 1939, at the beginning of World War II.


The Auschwitz concentration camp is considered the largest center of history and the most visited, in 2008, the number of tourists was 1.2 million visitors and in 2010 that figure was higher, with 1.38 million visitors. In the last ten years has tripled the number of visits, which implies greater interest in the place.

Following this, Auschwitz has become a tourist destination that is as a place of memory due to its high number of visitors and this may affect the area in a positive way as income increases but in turn the of tourists makes some people not as proper area or not behave respectfully.

Do you think the area is well classified as a place to promote tourism? Can affect the flow of tourists to the area?


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