The Plastinarium, your body from the inside

Posted: January 5, 2013 in Europe, Morbid
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The Plastinarium is an “Anatomical Teaching Centre” located in Guben, Germany. This 3000 sqm’s museum is unique in the world. Its particularity is to expose human corpses and to explain the process of plastination, a technique used in anatomy to preserve bodies using silicone to replace the different organic liquids. The visits may also include particular workshops for groups.

Founded in November 2006 by Gunther von Hagens (physician and inventor) for doctors, students and even amateurs to know more about the topic, it has received more than 100 thousand visits since its opening.


The opinions about this attraction are divided, which make it an important controversial tourism spot. In fact, using those expositions with a medical purpose may not be a bad idea; nevertheless it’s not necessary to show corpses in all-day activities (playing poker, riding a horse, playing tennis…). Those bodies aren’t supposed to be a show and the expositions should be focused on a specific public. Why would it be interesting for everyone to learn with such details how are our bodies from inside? Moreover, even if donations of human corpses to von Hagens’ exhibitions are done, isn’t it a bit morbid and immoral to expose them so coldly?

 Have YOU visited and liked the Plastinarium? Would you recommend it and to who? Don’t you think some expositions aren’t appropriated for everyone?



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