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Devil Island

Posted: December 27, 2012 in Abandoned, Africa, Morbid

Devil’s Island is located off the coast of French Guiana, specifically in the archipelago of the Salvation Islands, in South America. This island was used as a French penal colony and was opened in 1851 by Napoleon III to house prisoners, getting to be about 80,000 prisoners, who were forced to live on this island. Currently, the island is one of the best known colonies and ranks high among the main tourist attractions of French Guiana.


The opinions about this destination may be different since using this area as a tourist destination can be quite shocking to some people because of the events that happened or it may be only a trip for those interested in the details of the events happened and there can also be considered as an adventure destination.

Is the Devil Island is an attractive place to visit? Have you ever visited Devil’s Island?


On 26th April 1986, at 1 A.M. in Ukraine, the reactor #4 of the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant exploded because of unauthorized reactor tests. About 9 tons of radioactive materials (90x Hiroshima bomb) contaminated the zone, now known as “Forbidden Zone”, on 19 miles (30 km). Finally, 40 hours later, took place the evacuation of Prypiat at 2 P.M. on April 27th. To speed the evacuation, the inhabitants were said that they would be able to return to their places only 3 days after. It has been calculated that more than 4000 people developed lethal cancers because of the radioactive exposition they suffered.

Nowadays, the Forbidden Zone is open for tourism. Travellers can find on the Internet tours starting at 170$ (130€). These are generally for 1 or even 2 days, with a time visit of 5-6 hours per day in the Forbidden Zone. On average, 20 to 30 travellers can enter each day the zone. Those visits include the visit of Prypiat and outsides of the reactor #4. Although visitors are authorized to get close at 200km of the sarcophagus, the guides would always tell you not to step on the moss or walk on plant-covered zones. In fact, the radioactive materials have the tendency to “enter” in the plants. The most appalling evidence of this phenomenon is the Red Forest next Prypiat which has been contaminated and is now the most radioactive place in the zone, with also the Vehicle Scrap Yard.


An article from the CNN explained, in 2010, that “most radioactive material has sunk into the soil, and visitors receive a dose comparable to the exposure they would receive on a trans-Atlantic flight”. Moreover, the visits are only allowed with a professional guide, under huge restrictions.

However, Chernobyl is considered one of the most dangerous places on Earth because of the still present level of radiations.

 And YOU, would you enjoy visiting the Forbidden Zone? Why? Are you scared of the impacts it could have on your health? Or do you think, as Mycio (author of “Wormwood Forest”), that it’s going to become a “nuclear Disneyland”?